Family Office

Family Office


We are one of the leading advisors in the DACH region for an exclusive and independent group of family offices. We give advice in all human resources- and people-related matters to traditional and well-established offices, as well as hidden single and multi-family offices, to attract, retain, and motivate their key employees.

The ability to manage family equity remains critical in the foreseeable future as global challenges require professional portfolio diversification.

The focus of our work is to contribute to our clients’ organisational culture, as well as to strengthen the personality and character of their leaders. We are aware of the specific technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills our clients are seeking in order to protect the heritage of their family and grow prosperity for the next generation.

Integrity, trust, and quality are the credos of our actions.


We are your trusted partner for shaping your organisation by identifying the best people.


  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Associate
  • Investment Manager
  • Director / Principal
  • Partner


  • Investment Team
  • Portfolio Controlling
  • Finance and Operations
  • Wealth Management
  • Legal and Tax